Friday, May 22, 2015

‘Bhanwarey’ completes first schedule in Mumbai. Next in Delhi and Chandigarh

Shaurya Singh’s upcoming Hindi feature film ‘Bhanwarey’ recently completed its first schedule in Mumbai. Written and directed by Shaurya Singh who is also acting in it, Bhanwarey is set in the late 90’s in Delhi and revolves around three friends and their struggle of survival in a shoddy apartment.  It is also the story of their daily problems and how they accidentally get involved in wrong doings to solve them and eventually get trapped in the hands of law and a couple of gangster groups.

Shaurya Singh who hails from Delhi started his career as a short film maker. Despite acting being his first love, he started creating short films for the film festival circuit across India and also received awards and accolades for his work. Two years ago, Shaurya shifted base to Mumbai after being selected to play a major role of Raja Todarmal in Balaji Telefilms epic saga Jodha Akbar. Widely praised for his acting abilities, Shaurya who has a penchant for writing started scripting this feature film while working in Jodha Akbar. As soon as the arrangements were made Shaurya started working towards his dream of making a feature film with able collaboration from Mohan Das of Eon Films.

Speaking about the film, Shaurya says, “The film is a comedy of errors featuring a series of comic twist, as the three guys embark on a series of misadventures in the old part of Delhi’s Chandni Chowk. With a very strong message for the youth and presented in a light manner with witty and catchy dialogues, the audience can relate with the characters well as the theme of the movie is pretty generic and based on the daily lives in the 90s.”
Comedy is a very tricky genre of film to get right. However, with splendid performances by Shaurya Singh, Karan Thakur and Jashan Singh Kohli, the film will keep the audience in splits with an endless string of gags, but without focusing on the raunchier side of things. Jashan Singh Kohli who has been doing a lot of television and is currently seen in Big Magic’s “Total Nadaniyaan” is playing one of the lead characters. “I heard the storyline and gave an instant approval. I am really happy that I am a part of ‘Bhanwarey’. It is going to be an amazing film with great potential,” he quipped.

“We are by far the silliest, craziest people in this cast because we really don’t have any limit as to what we do,” echoed Karan Thakur with contagious excitement. “Our varied antics will bring the zany Delhite way of life alive,” added Karan who was seen in “Bhagyavidhata”, “Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha” and other serials. He is now doing “Badi Door Se Aaye Hai” on Sony Television.

Under the aegis of Sudha Creations & Eon Films, the shoot of "Bhanwarey" has already commenced in mayanagri Mumbai and first schedule is complete. The second schedule is slated to start in the forthcoming week and will be shot in Mumbai, Delhi and Chandigarh.

Learn. Move. Unite to Dance With Madhuri 2.0

RnM Moving Pictures Ltd., a media and content company focusing on creating and disseminating superior content across all platforms and genres today announced the launch of ‘Dance with Madhuri’ (DWM) – Version 2.0. It is the world's first celebrity backed online, gamified dance initiative that allows you to learn in a fun and social manner. It also encourages users to stay fit and unite with the world anywhere, anytime and on any platform.  Madhuri Dixit joined by her husband Dr. Shriram Nene, Saroj Khan, Terence Lewis and Leena Mogre, introduced the Learn Move Unite philosophy adopted by the upgraded version of DWM. ‘Dance with Madhuri’ is an e-learning platform that allows people to easily Learn to Dance, Move to stay fit and seamlessly Unite and connect with the world to create a marketplace for their skills.  The access to website is free for the users and thereby giving everyone a chance to learn, move and unite.

‘Dance with Madhuri’ was built and nurtured as a lifelong dream of Madhuri Dixit - Nene, to teach the world to dance and synchronize everyone's step while bringing together people from around the world.  It was the vision and support of her husband Dr. Shriram Nene whose technical expertise helped make this dream a reality. Today this dream has garnered over 2 lakh followers from more than 200 countries. Encouraged by the love and support of her fans and lovers of dance across the world, DMW has now collaborated with the best dancing talent in India, the best technology providers in Robosoft, and the best production houses like BBC and 120MC to take the portal to the next level.

Talking about the launch of ‘Dance with Madhuri’ – Version 2.0, Madhuri Dixit-Nene said, ”It has been very humbling to see how fans and dance enthusiasts have accepted our online dance offering. I am amazed by the talent we are discovering and nurturing on the platform. It is clear that everyone has a spark of genius. The key is giving everyone access.  It’s been an exciting journey and I am glad that I am being able to share the joy of dancing with lakhs of dance enthusiasts across the world. With growing number of the users, we were encouraged to scale up the content and have now introduced more dance forms, and introduced new gurus to offer a more robust learning experience. At the same time, we have introduced new ways to use dance to stay fit with dancercise, body conditioning, dance pilates, dance yoga, tabata and more.  People can learn dance and stay fit by accessing the DWM any time anywhere on any platform.”

People, irrespective of gender, age, location, background can learn to dance from the dance diva, herself, as well as a host of renowned gurus and choreographers in all genres.  There are lesson that have been crafted with great attention to detail by gurus like Pt. Birju Maharaj, Saroj ji, Terrence Lewis, Remo D’Souza and a host of renowned choreographers from all the popular dance shows. There are now over 93 classes, 50+ hours of content and 1800 lessons.

Dr. Shriram Nene, with a very experienced in-house team and Robosoft, a world class Indian software company, have designed the e-learning platform, fitness portal and social network called ‘Dance with Madhuri’.  He stated that, “the beauty of the dance initiative is that you can learn dancing at your own convenience in your own comfort zone without having to physically go to a studio. Instead of replacing physical academies, it actually allows dance institutes to scale and reach out to their users and build passion.  It’s an exciting time for media and content as the world is getting smaller. The wonders of modern technology are offering numerous options to connect with audiences. Through this online dance academy we are able to reach a large number of people and create a global village for culture.”

Besides learning, the Move section in the app encourages users to dance to stay fit. Exercises range from simple stretching to the intense Tabata – from Beginner to Advanced level.  You can burn 400 calories in 15 minutes and have great fun in the process. The Unite section is a community bound by passion for dance, it allows the users to exhibit their talents by uploading their videos, progress and much more. Users can not only discuss but also interact with each other and find jobs, registered institutes and events in their area.

Simply said, it allows you to dance as if no one is watching, anytime, anywhere and with anyone.  To get started, log on to:  DanceWithMadhuri.com

Sushant Singh Rajput determined to Get It Right

The actor in association with Fluence includes his fans on his digital fitness journey #tilligetitright
Sushant Singh Rajput is an actor known for his single minded determination who seeks to achieve perfection in everything he does.  Currently, Sushant’s energies are focused on reaching his definitive fitness levels. To achieve this he has set out on a journey on YouTube #tilligetright; training with several fitness experts to get to his personal best.  Sushant has partnered with Fluence - India’s leading celebrity digital network to help create unique content to amplify online.

Sushant’s purpose in pursuing this digital initiative is not just to get fit himself but to also encourage as many people as he can in joining him on this journey. “Your body is a reflection of the choices you make. My choice is a healthy and fit lifestyle. Working out, whether dance, freestyle, functional or sports has always been an important part of my life. It’s this choice of life which helped me realize the campaign #TillIGetItRight. It is an attempt to reach my fitness goals as well as motivate the youngsters to stay fit. Together with the help of my fitness training team, we have come up with a  regiment to inspire many to join me in this goal. On my YouTube channel my fans will see me experimenting with various forms of exercise and routines till I get it right.”, commented Sushant Singh Rajput.

“Celebrities have a major role in inspiring the youth of today. With, social media the gap has been bridged between the celebrities and their fans. So, when Sushant (@itsSSR) shared his idea of #TillIGetItRight with us, we thought it would be a great idea to amplify this fitness journey with his fans using innovative content on social media that will connect the right chords”, said  Ashish Joshi, VP Digital & Business Head – Fluence.

Each video in the series will showcase Sushant's high intensity training and vigorous functional workouts shot outdoor at various locations. The first video in the series which will release today, 20th May, 2015 on YouTube will be about a high intensity functional training program targeting Sushant’s strength, core flexibility, agility and stability. The weekly six day workout program will start every morning with  a 45 minute cardio session followed by functional training and will include 2 days of high intensity obstacle training to achieve better muscular balance and joint stability. To maximise the impact of the workout Sushant will also be following a diet plan with 6 meals a day ; protein rich with the protein: carbs: fat ratio being 60:20:20 distributed throughout the day to better activate metabolism and support muscular hypertrophy.

Catch the first video of Sushant’s #tilligetitright campaign exclusively here..

Delhi celebrates the Traditional Kheyal Gayeki from Punjab

A two-day festival of traditional Punjabi music opened today in the national capital, putting the spotlight on the beautiful Kheyal Gayeki tradition of Punjab that has enchanted lovers of Hindustani Classical music.

If one talks about the cultural heritage of Punjab, the mellifluous kheyal ‘bandishes’ (Compositions) cannot be left out from the discourse. In fact, this is a genre of ‘Gayeki’ which has enriched the Hindustani Classical music for more than two centuries now.

Punjabi Academy, Govt. of Delhi, Department of Art, Culture & Languages, Govt. of Delhi; has brought together renowned artists of this genre for two days on the 21st of May, Thursday and 22nd May, Friday at the India International Centre.

Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, Shri Manish Sisodia inaugurated the festival. While Shri Sisodia was the Chief Guest; Shri Jetinder Singh Tomar, Hon’ble Minister for Law & Justice; Tourism; Gurdwara Elections and Art, Culture & Languages, Govt. of Delhi was the Guest of Honour.

The Festival began with a performance of Bhai Balwant Singh Namdhari who rendered kheyal gayeki with tabla mridang in the traditional style of Punjab. His performance was followed by Sh. Raza Ali Khan who sang the traditional Punjabi Kheyal bandishes.

Before the advent of Kheyal, there were four famous Gharanas of Dhrupad singing in the Punjab, Talwandi, Haryana, Sham Chaurasi and Kapurthala. Kheyal Gayeki emerged as the next stage of evolution in the history of Hindustani music as the strict discipline of earlier days gave way to greater expansiveness and liberty of expression in the musical firmament. The process of this evolution had started with the creative endeavors of Amir Khusroe in the 12th century and completed itself under the vibrant outpourings of Niamat Khan Sadarang and Ferozkhan Adaran who gave the Kheyal style its present stamp.

Kheyal Gayeki remained confined to Delhi for some time, and it was only later during the 19th century that the new style reached the Punjab. From Delhi, it was first taken to Gwalior where Haddu Khan and Hassu Khan laid the foundation of the Gwalior Gharana of Kheyal singing. Banne Khan Nangliwale learnt from them and went to Punjab and taught stalwarts such as Pyare Khan, Umaid Ali Khan and Mubarak Ali Khan. Meanwhile, “Jamail” Ali Bakshi and “Kaptaan” Fateh Ali of Patiala became Shagirds of Tanras Khan of Delhi who had also learnt from Haddu-Hassu Khan of Gwalior, and from Mubarak Ali of Jaipur (son of Bare Mohd Khan). They founded the Patiala Gharana of Music, from which flows an important line of Kheyal Gayeki of the Punjab. This genre of gayeki further evolved over the 20th century and adopted new ways of rendition and musical instruments.

“As you are aware the Punjab has always been renowned for its beautiful “Bandishes” which have enriched the repertoire of Hindustani Classical Music. Punjabi is the only other language, apart from Braj Bhasha, in which Kheyal Bandishes have been written over the centuries. Shah Sada Rang and Ada Rang, creators of the Kheyal style of Hindustani Classical Music, have also composed some beautiful Bandishes in Punjab which will be presented in this Festival. Over the last two centuries, Hindustani Musicians whether from the Punjab or elsewhere, have sung these Punjabi Kheyal compositions. It is our effort through this Festival to revive an interest in them by encouraging their research and presentation. ,” says Ms. Geetanjali Gupta, Secretery, Art, Culture & Languages, Government of Delhi.

The second day of the festival will have Qutubi Qawwal from the Dargah presenting the Sufi Qawwali from Punjab and Pandit Yashpaul rendering the Punjabi Kheyal Bandishes.

“Through this annual festival, our effort is to revive interest and attract youngsters to this beautiful form of classical vocal music. We also want to encourage research and presentation in the art form that is an intrinsic part of our composite culture,” says Shri Jawahar Dhawan, Secretary, Punjabi Academy. 

Fitness Tips with Gul Panag at the Sofitel Mumbai BKC

Sofitel Mumbai BKC hosted an afternoon with Fitness expert Gul Panag. Announcing the launch of her first venture - FirstRun App, as the co-founder of MobieFit. The actress displayed the features via a live-demo at the hotel’s fitness center- So FIT.

FirstRun is the debut product of MobieFit, a company founded by Gourav Jaswal and is the first mobile app designed to make runners out of those who’ve never run before in their lives. An active fitness junkie, Gul Panag strutted towards the treadmill and geared up for the first workout with the App. With features like Treadmill to Personal Trainer, an In - App music player to training for a set time, the Mobile App is created for beginners and Gul guidance tips complimented the make impeccably.

Gul Panag, “I wish I had access to this kind of technology when I started running. If I had the support of a fantastic app like FirstRun, I would have definitely struggled less to run my first 3 miles. Over the years, I have seen how important it is to bring fitness into our lives. I have witnessed first-hand the positive transformation it has brought in those close to me.”

Chef Indrajit Saha, Sofitel Mumbai BKC, “The De-Light menu is designed by some of the best Chefs of Sofitel Luxury Hotels and serves up dishes for guests that not only embrace flavour but innovation as well. We are happy to be a part of an association that promotes a balanced diet along with a regular workout and would like to wish FirstRun much success for this endeavour.”

A special De-Light menu was organized at Sofitel Mumbai BKC to encourage the novice athlete. A gastronomic adventure in healthy eating, this low-calorie menu is also a part of Sofitel’s international menu and is available all across the globe.  De-Light reflects the unique skills of Sofitel Chefs’ innovative array of well-balanced meals to help guests meet their lifestyle goals in delicious style. The De-Light menu items like Roasted Red Pepper Shots (33 Calories), Vietnamese Spring Rolls (81 Calories), Low carb Mini Veggie Pizza (96 Calories), Strawberry and Lemon Panna Cotta  (133 Calories) and more, place an emphasis on freshness and highlight the relationship between food and well-being .

Saqib shines in viral video for change

In the middle of all the big films creating noise out there, a short film has been winning hearts and making a change on the web. The short is for the Green Batti Project, "India's largest one on one mentoring program that provide children from under resourced communities with a friend, constructive critic and a positive adult role model". Saqib Saleem who wants to always associate himself with meaningful projects that can make a difference to society plays the mentor in the film, directed by Varun Lalwani, who was the chief assistant director to Farah Khan for Happy New Year. The short has already gone viral with Bollywood celebrities like Abhishek Bachchan and Priyanka Chopra lauding the effort .
You can view the video here..

A riveting Rajasthan-based thriller “Rourav” to kick off shoot in August

Tentatively titled ‘Rourav’, the unconventional thriller sees Ali Fazal, Richa Chadda and Kay Kay Menon in lead roles 
Bollywood is set to experience a whiff of fresh air with producer duo Virendra K. Arora and Arjun N. Kapoor adding a Rajasthan-based thriller to their new and exciting film lineup for the year.

The film tentatively titled as ‘Rourav’ will see Kay Kay Menon, Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal in lead roles and will be co-produced by Mahesh Bhupathi (Big Daddy Productions). Richa and Ali were last seen together in Fukrey’s ensemble cast. All the three artistes are known for their originality and unusual appeal among the masses.

This August, the film’s cast and crew will set off for Rajasthan to capture the desert land from a whole new perspective. Indian film-makers have often showcased Rajasthan’s royal and palatial side. Determined to portray Rajasthan from a new lens and bring out its rare, atypical side on to the silver screen, the producers are currently fine-tuning the minute nuances of the film. “This thriller is about a never-seen-before interplay of human emotions. It treads Rajasthan’s uneven terrain and traces its pensive yet powerful side on a deep emotional level. We are pooling in industry’s best possible talent to create something that has never been explored by Indian Cinema,” says Arjun N Kapoor.

This is Virendra K. Arora and Arjun N Kapoor’s second film going floors and an iconic one with a cast as rare as the film’s subject. Pushing their boundaries with every new venture they undertake, the producers have some more avant-garde film work up their sleeve. Set for a Bollywood breakthrough of its kind, the producers have their first film venture and this year’s biggest family entertainer ‘Abhi Nahin Toh Kabhi Nahin’ hit the shooting floors in the last week of May.

“It’s an action-packed year for us. With this exciting Rajasthan-based thriller, we plan to portray some extraordinary cinematic moments and leave a memorable mark on every film lover’s heart,” adds Virendra K. Arora.